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El mejor negocio.


compra-alquilerNuestro país, República Dominicana ha experimentado un incremento en la tendencia de invertir en bienes raíces; y no es para menos, ya que existe un clima económico relativamente estable, con bajas tasas relativamente estables por parte de las entidades bancarias, lo que resulta favorable para este tipo de inversiones. Los inmuebles adquieren plusvalía con el paso del tiempo, por tanto, no solo su dinero está seguro, sino también generará más ganancias.

Lo que debemos tener presente al momento de invertir

Lo primero que debe hacer el comprador es elegir el tipo de inmueble en el que desea invertir, ya sean propiedades residenciales (apartamentos o casas), Read the rest of this entry


Make it count!

20120514-085437 a.m..jpg Looking to invest and gain a great return with a minimal risk? If you are a very conservative investor, always try to avoid risks and are very doubtful as of where, how and when to invest: let me tell you a secret!
This is the right time to minimize your risks, get a nice yield, duplicate your investments and keep it growing as never did before.
How? Ok, here’s the tip:
A few years ago, we at Paramount Construction Company, started to building low cost to mid size houses for those people with middle class employments. We just discovered house fast those houses were sold, of course, we tied up the banks to do financing and asked for a low 20% down payment, nothing difficult due to the prices of the houses.
We have a high demand of houses, but we do not have the capital to satisfy such demand, the more we can do are 2 houses at the same time, meaning that every 3 months we have two houses ready. Taking into account that the sales period is more or less 2 months, we are in high disadvantages in front of our competitors as we start building again every 2 to 3 months.
I could tell you about benefits, cash flow and returns, just write me or call me and we will let you know more about this… Just one last thing: this is a gold mine!
Best regards,
Virgilio Santana Ripoll
Paramount Properties and Paramount Construction Co.